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Due to current weather conditions we will be closed all day in all markets except Wilmington. Wilmington will continue to operate normal hours. We appreciate you patience. We hope everyone stays warm and safe!

Press Releases

August 10th, 2021

David and Goliath- Local Delivery Service Fights Back Against Delivery Giants
July 29th, 2021

Takeout Central Commits to Keeping Misleading Listings, Now Common in the Industry, Off its Platform

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February 2nd, 2021

Feed Our City hits funding target, gets ready to feed 300 city children in PODS program
February 1st, 2021

Takeout Central Looks Back at a Collaborative 2020, Plans to Leverage Model to Help Even More Small Businesses in 2021.

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March 22nd, 2020

Takeout Central works alongside many restaurants to meet new demands of to-go orders
March 22nd, 2020

Delivery company Takeout Central is working with local restaurants to keep business up

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March 16th, 2020

Chapel Hill-based takeout app helps connect restaurants with customers
September 12th, 2019

Executive Voice: How to compete with billion-dollar players Door Dash, UberEats and GrubHub

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